Reliable services since 1986

Everything started in 1986. Panagiotis Karydis, having a long experience in both technical and administrative terms (because of a family tradition in the graphic arts sector), decides to found his own business, named Karydis Graphic Arts. During 24 years, Panagiotis successfully introduces innovative -for the time- printing methods. Moreover, following the increasing satisfaction of the clients, he equips the company with machinery of the latest technology (offset, computerisation unit, foil blocking, die cutsand more).

In 2010, Ilias -the son- brings a new perspective to the company, introducing innovative ideas and creating Graphic Design and digital printing departments, by acquiring a digital press of the latest technology. In 2012 the company relocates in newand modern premises in order to serve even better the needs of its clients and facilitate its own processes.

The same year, the company takes the next step in the labels printing field by acquiring a printing machine for printing labels in reel. It now gets known as Karydis Labels with a new brand identity, aiming at giving the small/medium businesses the opportunity to present their products or services with the best possible solutions and always with the expertise help of the company’s personnel. Maintaining the same values, the company continues its journey full sail, following the needs of the new era.


For Karydis Labels, each client is treated as unique. We always aim at the best servicing and at the perfect outcome for the projection of our clients’ products or services.For 30 years now we have the above as our primordial concern, offering services of higher quality and developing strong bonds of trust with you.

Our people are equally important. This is why we invest in their proper education and training in order to be able to respond to all of the needs of your business, no matter how demanding it may be. The same way you value your product’s image, we value our will to help you give prominence to it with the most effective, qualitative and economical way.

The brand new facilities, the thoroughly trained human resources and the customer-driven philosophy that characterizes Karydis Labels guarantee accurate service, cost-effective solutions and support in every step of yours.


In 2012 the company relocated in newpremises so as to facilitate both its functional needs and the needs of its clients.The 500 m² building is located in a convenient commercial area of Tripolis and includes both the offices and a vertical production unit with the following departments:

  • Graphic Design
  • Pre-Press
  • Quality Control
  • Offset Printing
  • Bookbinding
  • Digital Printing
  • New Vertical Unit for Printing Labels in Reel


Panagiotis Karydis
CEO / Production Director

Panagiotis Karydis is the CEO and Production Director of Karydis Labels. Raised in the field of typography, he started coping with it at the age of 15, working in the family-run local newspaper ‘Arkadika Nea’. In 1986 he started his own business, leveraging all the knowledge he had gained until then and introducing new, innovative typographic methods.Having an exceptional knowledge of the field and being a skilful technician, he gradually established the next generation of typographers. Through his professional reliability, his hard work and his devotion, Panagiotis Karydis made Karydis Graphic Arts a trustworthy, respected and dynamic company in its field, maintaining a high level of services through the passing of the years. With his 40 years of experience, Panagiotis is the ‘wise’ one of Karydis Labels and you can talk with him for each issue concerning your company and your products.

Ilias Karydis
General Manager / Sales Director

Ilias Karydis, the General Manager and Sales Director of Karydis Labels, had his first contact with typography at a very young age. Graduating from High School, he began his studies in the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia, with a major to Finance. After obtaining his degree, he continued his studies in London, completing a MA programme in Management of small/medium businesses. Afterwards, he decided to dive into the magical world of graphic design, getting a diploma on it. Having completed his studiesand with a direct collaboration with his father, Ilias took the reins of the company, importing innovative ideas and creating new services like digital printing and production of labels in reels. He is the founder of the Graphic Design department and you can contact him for everything that has to do with print production and products labels. He can adequately consult you for matters like which is the right paper or glue for you, but also for graphic design issues like the proper image for your products.In short, Ilias is the person who can find the best and most adequate solution for every need you may have!

Valina Karydi
Marketing & Sales Executive/ Finance & Supplies Supervisor

Valina Karydi is the newest member of Karydis Labels and alreay has a double role. She is the Marketing&Sales Executive and Supervisor for Finance & Supplies. She holds a degree in Marketing and Communications from Athens University of Economics and Business.She also has a MSc in Media & Communications (Governance) from London School of Economics and Political Science– LSE. Even though she is still under 30, Valina has a big working experience, having worked in sales departments of big companies like OTE and Fujitsu-Siemens Computers. She has also worked in big PR agencies and in Plaisio as a Marketing Executive for more than two years. The passion and love she has for her field led her to fully focus in the family business. Talk with Valina for Marketing and communication issues. Ask her opinion on what your product should look like. She can suggest the right alterations that will critically contribute to the better image of your services and products. Moreover, Valina is behind the company’s social media accounts. Last, but not least, she is the person to talk with in case you are a supplier or client and you need information for orders or financial matters.